Michal Dzikowski aka MikeD. 

Self taught and then formally educated, passionate about life photographer - BA (Hons) Photography, BA Digital Media.  

Scuba diver, the artist of life. Never parts with his camera. Globetrotter since the age of seventeen. Oceans, Deserts, Mountains, Caves are his playground. Professional sports and adventure photographer. Currently living in Tanzania and hoping to grasp Africa. Available for assignments.

2017 – Expedition photographer – Colombia Chiribiquete Expedition. First paddled descent of Ajaju river, photographic documentary of ancient Indian rock painting in Jaguara sanctuary in Chiribiquete.

2017 – Expedition photographer - VICTORINOX QHAPAQ ÑAN EXPEDITION (Peruvian Andes) – Second “Before it is gone” project expedition created for and published by National Geographic Polska and National Geographic Traveller

2017 – Expedition photographer Aztorin Chadar Expedition (Indian Himalayas) – First “Before it is gone” project expedition created together with Mateusz Waligora (Nat Geo journalist). The aim of the project is to document cultures, traditions and locations: that are undergoing a civilizational

change and soon will be lost forever.

2016 – Expedition Photographer Nanga Dream 2015/16 – a second attempt to summit Nanga Parbat in Winter. Photos from both Nanga Dream expedition used as illustrations in recently published book by Dominik Szczepański i Piotr Tomzą „Nanga Parbat. Śnieg, kłamstwa i góra do wyzwolenia”. (Agora 2016)

2014/15 Expedition Photographer Nanga Dream 2013/14 – an attempt to summit the ninth highest peak in winter - Nanga Parbat (8126 m)

2014 – Expedition photographer Chiribiquette Expedition (leader Maciej Tarasin). Exploration of Chiribiquette National Park. Photos from this expedition published as illustrations in Maciej’s book Stalowe anioły nad Yari (Świat Książki 2015)

2012 - Guyana – a month in Amazon jungle learning survival with native Indians.
2011 – Northern Norway above the Northern Circle - exploratory diving on WWII plane wrecks.

2010 - Papua New Guinea– exploratory diving and ethnography

2005-2012 – a multiple, solo trekking expeditions to Sahara.